Best All in One Computer(Buyer’s Guide and Review)

Today is the generation of compactness and that is why all our needful accessories and technologies are expected at a single place. The newer generation requires the best of everything and that too with low efforts. For the same, there has been the development of all- in – one computer. These could be stated as the unique packs which provide components, ports monitors, and other peripherals into a single unit. The main motive of such a system is the ease of working they provide. For help, you make the best choice we have in the account, the best all in one computer which will surely act as an aid in letting you choose nothing but the best for your needs.

Before reading: what I really think of the all in one computer?

In this modern generation, people are looking for comfort and ease at an affordable price. This makes such systems more needful. All In One computer are there to help you with your peripheral management and ease of work. These computers are really needful as they provide complete ease of working as all the urgent requirements are at the same place. You just have to get onto your desk, plug in and start working. These computers have been proved suitable for all sorts of works and people as comfort and quality is what it brings forth.

Should you buy one All in One computer?

If ease of working and comfort is what you are looking for, you could definitely go for one such computer. These computers provide all the basic requirements which any modern computer would and they come in different specifications so you can choose the best for yourself. Apart from the basic functions, these systems have an edge over the other regular ones. Who wouldn’t want them? Also, they are completely worth the price. It is like a complete package for your ease, comfort, and job.

10 best All in One computer:

As per people needs, choices and preferences, we have bought forward the top 10 picks of All in One computer for making this selection a very facile deal for you. Our top 10 picks do not lack any sort of modern specification and have amazing reviews and ratings. Some of the top all in one computer would be Acer Zen AiO pro, Apple iMac and so on. All of these computers have excellent performance and modifications.

Workflow: how we picked and tested?

The top picks presented y we are never a part of any sort of random decision and that is why they are exclusive. Our picks can never be compromised in the name of price so we opted for expert tests and advice. All of the choices are completely based on true customer reviews and ratings. People’s required modifications, like, dislikes and specifications have been taken care of in this selection.

Why should you trust me?

As all of our choices become a part of expert tests and recommendations, we are capable to be admitted as a trustable source. All of the choices are completely based on professional and customer reviews and selections. We never compromise on any such choice as we serve one the original and best for you.

Part #1 best All in One computer 2018:

As we know that specifications in technological upgrades experience a lot of changes and advancement, this is the reason that we have chosen the best of all in one computer from the current year productions. All the choices are new and reliable and considered to be the top picks of this year.

Top 1 Dell i3265- A643 WHT-PUS Inspiron 3265 AIO Desktop Review:

Best All in One Computer(Buyer's Guide and Review)The special feature this system provides is that its packs affordability with usefulness. This system is something which is worth the cost and provides complete quality promised. It comes with a 2.4 GHz A6- 7310 processor and a 21.5 FHD display. The processor of this system gives the capability to run most of the applications. It has dedicated RadeonR4 graphics card which gives a desirable gaming experience as well. This set has additional features like Media card port, 2 USB ports, DVD RW Drive as well. Also, if you are planning to go for a larger screen, this might be a consideration for you. The features this system provides are exclusive and also come at a really reasonable rate.


  • The cost of this system is really affordable
  • Comes with windows 10 pre-installed.
  • The design is very sleek and does not require much space.


  • Becomes a bit slow while browsing or using graphic intensive games
  • Backport accessibility is a bit tough.

Bottom line:

This All in One computer from Dell is completely worthy of its price and has all the significant features. Though it has a few drawbacks like speed but is efficient in its entirety. Also, has compact and stylish looks. So, if that is what you are looking for, this might be the perfect solution.


Top 2 Dell Inspiron 24 5000 5488 AIO Reviews:

Best Dell Inspiron 24 5000 5488 AIOAs we know, Dell has always been a reliable brand in terms of quality and durability both.   This system is a reflection of its perfection. It comes with a 23.8-inch FHD intuitive touchscreen display which is a rarity and an appreciable feature.  It has 12 GB RAM and 7th generation Intel Core i7 2.9 GHz processor and this makes it capable to handle the heavy and tough task which ordinary computers lag at. It also comes with 1 TB of disk storage which is enough and has a DVD Drive, a crystal clear webcam, and 4 USB Ports. All these amazing features form a part of this exclusive and significantly worthy set. Though the price of this one is a bit high but is in accordance with the specifications.


  • Touch screen system makes the use much interactive and interesting
  • Have 2 HDMI ports, one in and another out.
  • Bluetooth and wifi are also present
  • Good RAM


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other models of this class.

Bottom line:

The final verdict says that this product is a bit overpriced but is completely worthy of the expense. It has amazing interactive features which are not only much helpful but of great value. It provides different ports too. This system has durability which comes from its brand name itself.

Top 3 HP Envy 34-b010 Curved All in One Computer Reviews:

Best HP Curved All in One ComputerThis PCC is known for its widescreen, consistency, and power. This system is from HP, which is amongst the most trusted brands. It comes with 7th generation Intel core i7- 7700T quad-core processor and a very functional 16 GB SDRAM. Another plus point of this set would be the AMD Radeon RX 460 with 4 GB dedicated memory. This feature makes it suitable for the game seekers out there. It has 1 TB of disk space for storing all your files and stuff and an additional SSD. This system has the sleekest design and a 34-inch curved QHD LED backlit micro edge screen as well. This system is a best seller because it has all the required features for both heavy gaming and general use.


  • This system has a good audio quality as it has front facing speakers
  • Comes with an integrated privacy camera
  • Supports heavy applications and has good storage
  • Has Bluetooth enabled


  • It has a wide screen which occupies space.
  • Does not have a DVD Drive.

Bottom line:

This AIO computer is perfectly suitable for you if you are a gaming enthusiast because the widescreen and good graphical performance make a huge difference in your gaming experience. None of its drawbacks overtake its benefits and good specifications. It works well for almost everything including web browsing or any sort of general use.

Top 4 Apple iMac me086ll/A 21.5-Inch Computer Review:

Best Apple iMac 21.5-Inch ComputerThis Apple iMac is one of the best sellers as Apple has always been a brand you could trust and it focuses on performance. This product has a sharp display and its build quality is amazing. It has decent integrated graphics, speedy and improved performance and comes with a number of Apple soft wares as well.  It uses an Intel Core i5- 4570R 2.7 GHz processor and has a 21.5-inch display which gives a good screen display experience. It comes with 8 GB RAM and has Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200. It has been voted as one of the favorite AIO computers as it has a faster wifi and disk space and so on.


  • The metallic design is exclusive and premium
  • The form factor is thin
  • The performance is unquestionable
  • Operates quickly and silently
  • This all in one computer ensures reliability and durability


  • This system has not been found as user upgradable.
  • As it is an established brand, the price is a bit high.

Bottom line:

As we all know that Apple has always been a brand you could trust so is this product. This product is exclusive and one of our top picks as the looks it provides is unbeatable and so its performance and status. The features and Apple specifications are amazing and make it a reliable product.

Top 5 Apple iMac MB950LL/A Desktop Reviews:

Best Apple iMac MB950LL/A DesktopOne of the best qualities that Apple prides in its products is style and durability. Similarly, this product is extremely slim and sleek in design. This set has tons of amazing features which make it powerful enough according to its brand name. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz processor and a 4 GB RAM. The disk space is 500 GB.

This system has LED display which is in a very good condition and its looks are not compromised and cannot be compared. The performance smoothness and speed of this system has been proved amazing. The vision and display are unbeatable and so is the quality. It is completely worthy of the price this product is for.


  • The looks and design of this AIO computer is very elegant
  • The performance is good due to good processing speed
  • Led display is not compromised and gives a great experience


  • This product does not have as much of RAM as compared to its competitors
  • The disk space for storage is low.

Bottom line:

As Apple is a trusted brand, this product is too. For all those who prefer quality over price, this might be the best choice. The sort of experience this computer provides, and its sleek, the slim and elegant design is completely worth the wait and the price.

Top 6 Flagship Dell Inspiron 5000 AIO Desktop Review:

Best Flagship Dell Inspiron 5000 AIO DesktopThe reliability of Dell comes along while you tend to buy this model. It is an all in one desktop with amazing specifications. The performance of this product is unquestionable and also it is great at multi-tasking. The power and speed it provides are unbeatable. The outlet access is also easy. It comes with an Intel quad-core i7- 7700T 2.90 GHz processor. The memory is 16 GB and the size of the hard drive is 512 GB. Windows 10 operating system is already installed. This system has a total of 9 ports which combine all of your users like USB and HDMI. Also, additional features include a wireless mouse and keyboard and a good Bluetooth connectivity.


  • the number of ports is really good and it facilitates every use
  • the processing speed of this system is great
  • the memory is 16 GB which is better
  • The additional features are amazing.


  • The price of this system is high as compared to other models.

Bottom line:

This product has shown all the possibilities of being a reliable and durable system. All of its features are exclusive and the quality is amazing as it is a Dell product. If you are looking for quality and performance and are willing to pay even a higher price for it, this might be the apt choice.

TOP 7 iMAC MNDY2LL/A AIO Computer Review:

Best iMAC MNDY2LL/A AIO ComputerThis iMac is powerful than ever as it is packed with all new processors, has higher bandwidth connectivity and better storage. The display of this system is the most colorful retina display ever seen in an iMac. This system comes with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor and has an 8GB RAM and 1 TB of disk space. It also comprises of Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB video memory. The performance of the model is better and faster than ever. All of its features are at maximum velocity. The visual effects of this system are unbeatable and better than new.

Apple has the reliability which it has passed on to this new and top AIO computer now. This is the reason it is among our top picks.


  • Good storage and RAM
  • The processing quality and speed in this set is great
  • The performance is improved
  • Has better and sleek, stylish looks.
  • The display is clear and enough for the best visual experience
  • Good graphical support


  • The price is a bit high as per the brand name.
  • Not user upgradeable

Bottom line:

This is an Apple product which makes it durable for the long term as well. If you are looking for performance, quality, and elegant looks, all in a single product, this is the best suitable one for you. The graphical support is also improved and good enough for most of the gaming soft wares and other applications.

Top 8 HP Pavilion 27” Touch Screen All In One Computer Reviews:

Best HP 27” Touch Screen All In One ComputerThis all in one computer from HP comes with quad-core Intel Core i7- 6700T processor which gives a high-speed processing power and speed. The system is integrated with Intel HD graphics and has a 12GB SDRAM memory, 1TB hard disk storage. The connectivity provided by this computer is also up to the mark and has a number of parts which facilitate different types of uses.
This system is excellent in terms of performance and affordability. The looks of this all in one computer are also very elegant and stylish and it is totally worth the price being paid for it as it has almost every modern specification which is needed at such a price.

It is pure quality and performance.


  • The processing speed is extremely good
  • This computer has good storage and RAM
  • The graphical support is really good
  • This computer supports quality and has a good display.


  • Not much user upgradability.
  • It is more for general usage.

Bottom line:

HP has always been a trustable brand and so is this product. This All in one computer is completely worth its price and brand name. It is all quality and performance if that is what you are looking for. This is the reason it comes among the top picks.

Top 9 HP Pavilion 27- a030 27” All in One Computer Review:

Best HP 27” All in One ComputerThis product has always been the center of attraction. This all in one computer is completely appropriate for providing style and performance to your home and workplace. This computer comes with an Intel Core i5- 6400T processor and has up to 16 GB of RAM. It has an edge to edge IPS display, has custom audio tuning as the speaker are front facing. It comes with a sculptural stand and has a sleek profile.

This system provides outstanding visuals and premium quality and a stunning full HD display. The price of this product is unbeatable. This system comes with a 1 TB of hard disk space as well. Another exception and benefit of this product is the touch screen feature.


  • This product has a low price as compared to its competitors
  • The storage and RAM is pretty competitive and good
  • The display and visual effects are better
  • Has webcam and Bluetooth as well.
  • The audio quality and experience are


  • The ports create a few problems
  • Does not nicely support hardcore gaming.

Bottom line:

This product has been chosen among the top 10 picks because all of its benefits are exclusive and exceed the number of its drawbacks. It does not have any such major drawback. All the required basics specifications are present such as good space, visual graphics, audio quality and RAM too.

Top 10 iMAC Pro Review:

Best iMAC ProThe topmost pick of the current time belongs to Apple, and why not? Apple has always been delivering quality over price and compromises. No doubt the design and looks of this brand new iMac Pro are amazing and sleek. The display is outstanding with great visual effects. This is considered to be one of the most powerful PCs and has an amazing level of performance. Its screen display size is 27” and comes with an Intel Xeon W 8- core processor, 32 GB of memory and 1TB storage. The storage systems and memory are advanced and people love the quality of its graphics and processors.

This might be the best of the entire Apple all in one computer at this price.


  • The performance quality is incredible
  • The engineering is good
  • The screen is super detailed and colorful
  • People love the aesthetics as well


  • The mouse needs redesigning.
  • The screen could have been more durable and color accurate at this much price.

Bottom line:

The bottom line is that this product is a sleek one and for all the people who look for quality and best performance experience, should completely rely on this one. This system comes from a trustable brand and none of its shortcomings are huge than the quality and specification level this computer provides.

Comparison: top 5 picks: what I really think of:

The above-mentioned desktop systems have been chosen form the best of the current year. All of the chosen systems have different features and their own benefits. They have different costs and their specifications are totally in accordance with their prices. Their specialties totally go with their area of usage and you won’t have to compromise on anything if you choose the right one.

All of the above-mentioned systems were a part of the best choice for this year. They all have unique and great features which differ from each other. When there is such a difference, comparing them becomes a tough task. That is why we came to the conclusion that all of them are the top picks and none of them could be stated as a less needed one. All of the above picks are bestsellers and have amazing reviews and ratings which make them equally good at performance and features, both.

Short buying guide: 5 tips you should know:

Now before stepping ahead and buying the desired system, there are a few things which you might take care of. Let us discuss:

  • Primarily, you should be well aware of your requirements and what you are looking for. This is the first choice you need to make.
  • You need to check the current performance status of the system you are going to select
  • You need to pay heed to its long-term durability as well
  • Take care of the price; sometimes it is higher than expected
  • You have to choose your system according to your work environment or structure.

Further reading time: the best ultimate guide:

In order to make such significant investment decisions, you need to take care of all your current and future requirements and expectations from the system. Also, taking care of the peripherals and other setup requirements is as much important. The selection should be made after a proper analysis and deeper verification. These guide tips will make you choose nothing but only the best for you.

Final words:

If you are looking for the best modern experience with all the ease and comfort of setup and everything, you are making the right choice by choosing from these. The presented best All in One computer are completely reliable and worthy of their price. So go ahead and make the best choice for our aid.